What is the project process?

27 June

How we take your shed from idea to reality.

Our customers often ask about the process of building a shed. As you might expect, a lot is involved to ensure the finished product is as perfect as you imagined.

From initial discussions through to the final handover, the Steelcorp team is invested in making sure every one of our customers gets the best result possible.

We’ve developed a project management process over the years that gives you control, keeps you informed, keeps things running smoothly, and makes sure you get the best result.

Here’s how we typically build our sheds, from concept through to completion.

The initial idea

  • Discovery call
  • Site visit
  • How we can help

The Steelcorp experience: why choose us?

The first step is all about ensuring we understand your needs and what you want to achieve. Before we even think about providing any expert design suggestions, we’ll take the time to listen to what you actually want.

It all starts with your first phone call, but there’s no substitute for being there in person on your property. That’s why one of our structure consultants will come to you, to conduct an on-site discovery session and get a feel for how your shed will sit in the context of its environment.

Designing a shed is a partnership, not a transaction – just ask Bill from Leeton Show Society:

“I don’t think the push was there, there was no urgency for us to make up our minds straight away. All the other companies wanted us to say yes or no, they were even chasing us on our Facebook page. We were allowed to make our own mind up in our own time.”

Bringing your idea to life

  • Concepts
  • Internal design brief
  • Detailed concept drawings

Once we’ve talked through your goals and requirements and we’ve had an in-person look at the site, our experienced design team will create realistic concept drawings that provide a powerful way of helping you visualise the completed project.

These are provided to you as digital drawings of both the inside and outside of your structure, showing you how it will look from every angle.

Proposal and Contracts

  • Formal estimate
  • Detailed proposal signed
  • Deposit paid
  • Introduction to our projects team

If you like what you see, we’ll introduce you to our skilled operations team that will turn your concept drawings into reality. At this point, you’ll receive a formal estimate and a detailed proposal covering all the inclusions in your project and the responsible parties.

Once you’ve reviewed and signed your proposal and paid your deposit, our projects team will work with you on the next steps including engineering, approvals and ordering materials.


  • Structural drafting
  • Engineer certification

Webinar: What you need to know about structural engineering

Your concept drawings are now ready to become fully-fledged structural plans, and a structural engineer will ensure your building is strong, sound and fit for purpose.

Before any actual fabrication or building can begin, we get your shed design certified by one of our expert engineering partners. Your structure is carefully reviewed, taking into account the terrain and other factors to ensure we use the correct structural components for your building.

Checking off permissions, approvals and permits

  • Detailed plans
  • Application prepared
  • Submit to the approval authority

Having the relevant approvals for your project is vitally important. Although people often assume that dealing with a Shire Council or Building Certifier will cause headaches, it is a straightforward process that just takes a little time.

Because we do this every day of the week, our team is experienced in what councils need and expect. We’ll happily oversee the building permit phase for you, including making contact with authorities to make sure your structure satisfies the specific requirements of your site.

However, we love a customer that can handle the permit themselves, so if you’d prefer to look after it yourself, please feel free!

Our customers love this over-and-above service, like Brock from Fallons Bus Service who was happy to leave the permits to us.

“I handballed them what I could. The fact that Steelcorp does the building permit and footings is great. Some shed mobs don’t do any of that. I’m not in the building industry so it would take me a lot longer to sort it all out.”

You can read more about Brock’s commercial shed project here.

Order and manufacture

  • Shop drawings confirmed
  • Materials order
  • Members are fabricated and welded
  • Dispatched for hot dip galvanising

How hot dip galvanizing protects your shed

With designs, approvals and compliance squared away, it’s time to organise the raw materials for your structure. We only use Australian materials and with our official Australian Made certification, you know you’re getting a shed that will last (and you’re supporting a supply chain of Aussie businesses in the process).

Fabrication is the next step: our team of experienced fabricators manufacture the steel components for your structure including web trusses and columns, taking care of all the necessary welding, cutting and bending with care and attention.

From our factory to your site

  • Structural steel members and rainwater materials are delivered to site by our freight partners

With the components fabricated and the manufacturing aspect of your project complete, it’s time for the materials to be delivered to your site. We’ll coordinate a delivery window that works for you.


  • Structural steel and rainwater materials professional installed
  • Regular site visits from Steelcorp project team

Now it’s time to erect your structure! We’ve got years of experience under our belt and have got the building process down to a fine art. The Steelcorp sub-contractor crew erect your structure quickly, professionally and safely, and we take pride in our workmanship.

One of our happy customers from the Department of Primary Industries notes that “The installers were really tidy, they never left a mess – I wasn’t expecting that.”

Overseeing the whole process is Steelcorp’s experienced project management team who will keep your project on track and ensure a quality build from start to finish.

Handover – It’s all yours!

  • Installation complete
  • Project sign-off

Once the last piece is in place, your shed is officially complete!

It’s time for you to start enjoying it – but our part isn’t completely finished yet. We don’t walk away as soon as the job is done: Steelcorp structures live on for generations, so you’ll hear from us now and again, long after your project is complete. It’s important to us that you’re happy with your shed in the long term, not just when it’s brand new.

Keen to take the first step?

If you’d like to start a conversation about a commercial, rural or totally custom made steel structure, get in touch with our team or take a look at some of our previous projects to get a feel for what we can create.