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3 December

More than just a shed company: the Steelcorp experience

SteelTalk webinar series: Episode 5

In the final episode of our webinar series for 2021, the Steelcorp team breaks down how we’re much more than just a shed builder. From ROI comparisons for different commercial structures through to feasibility studies of your land, we’re with you for every part of the process.

We’re an energetic team of 20 who specialise in going deep on your project, with a heavy focus on large commercial structures. If you’re looking at building a multi-tenant structure, a large commercial shed or a storage shed complex, we’re here to help.

In addition to commercial builds, we’re also heavily involved in many education and community structures including COLAs for schools, and service buildings such as headquarters for the local SES and RFS.

Our ‘secret sauce’: the 4 pillars of Steelcorp’s service

  • Discovery
  • Approval
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction

Let’s look closer at how we can help you throughout the entire journey of building a commercial shed – it all starts with the discovery phase.

Discovery: getting to know you, your site and your goals

In the early discovery phase, our team will conduct an in-person site visit to help foster a personal connection with you, better understand your site, and learn the story behind what you want to achieve.

Visiting you in person isn’t just a great way to get to know you, it helps us remove any unknowns about the site so we can move forward without making assumptions. Seeing your site really helps us understand how your structure will fit into the landscape.

From here, we’ll work with you to create some concept designs and elevation drawings, giving you a really great visualisation of how the structure will look.

The discovery phase goes much deeper though – our team can get involved and provide advice on all aspects of your project, from helping you to decide on a building’s purpose to uncovering any potential risks.

We also have a strong focus on ensuring our clients get a strong ROI on their shed. This means that we can come up with an efficient design to help reduce costs, often leading to robust discussions with engineers. We source and fabricate the steel ourselves and know exactly what goes into making an efficient shed.

Long term ROI is important too; so our team is happy to do some research for you and help you find the most profitable path forward.

We recently worked with a client who was tossing up between a storage warehouse and a storage complex. Some digging and calling around to the local real estate revealed that our client could potentially get twice the ROI if they chose to build a storage complex. It’s this kind of extra-mile service that makes Steelcorp stand apart from the rest.

The approval process: simplifying the complex

In Episode 3 of SteelTalk, we got into the details of how the approval process works. This part of building a structure can be confusing and stressful, so we’re here to help shoulder some of the heavy lifting for you.

The Steelcorp team can help with complex builds and help translate industry jargon, putting your mind at ease. Plus, we’ve got a network of professionals we work with that we can recommend, helping minimise risk (and saving you time and money).

In-house manufacturing for the best quality – always

With our own fully kitted-out workshop in Wangaratta, we take full ownership of the manufacturing portion of the project.

Our team of fully qualified boilermakers and welders have state of the art machinery at their disposal, and having everything in house means we have ultimate control over quality. We’ve also got official Australian Made accreditation. We buy local and support Australian companies throughout the process.

Manufacturing in house also gives us great control over time frames as we can mobilise resources quickly. Our current time frame at the time of writing is around 10-12 weeks for engineering, design, drafting, fabrication and galvanizing. We keep this process compressed to get your shed moving through production fast. And, if changes need to be made, we’re flexible and can adapt to what you need.

Helping the construction phase run smoothly

Steelcorp offers a single point of contact for your construction project, helping the entire process stay on track. Our collaborative approach means we can work with you, your builder, your trades and other professionals to ultimately get you the best result possible.

Although we’re not a commercial builder, we can put you in contact with excellent builders in your local area, as well as support our clients who choose to take the owner-builder path.

We’re in touch with a lot of different trades and have a team of project managers at your disposal so we can help you manage everything from start to finish. And at the conclusion of the project, we do a formal handover, ensuring that everything is completed to a high standard.

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