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Steelcorp… Rural and Commercial Sheds

Steelcorp designs and fabricates steel sheds and structures for the commercial and rural sectors. With extensive experience in the shed industry, we are well equipped to look after your next build and we pride ourselves in our “concept to completion” project process.

Commercial Sheds

If you are setting up in business or looking to take your commercial operation to the next level our team is primed and ready to act on your upcoming project. We partner with you throughout the process and are committed to your 100% satisfaction.

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Rural Sheds

From hay sheds to yard covers, workshops and equine structures, Steelcorp has your next rural project covered. We understand the importance of strong, reliable sheds that can withstand tough environments.

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Custom Sheds

Steelcorp are the custom shed experts because we believe that there is no such thing as a standard shed. Built for your needs, whatever they, we enjoy working on complex custom designs and we take the time to get your shed structure just right.

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Latest Shed Projects

We work closely with our valued clients to ensure they get the exact shed they need to solve their current storage problem. Here are some of the structures recently completed by Steelcorp.

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Latest News

Zincalume vs Colorbond – What’s the difference?

One of the most important decisions when deciding to build your new shed is which material to choose for your project. Let’s take a look at the two main choices – Colorbond steel or Zincalume Which is better: Colorbond or Zincalume? When you’re looking to build a new shed, the two steel choices you have […]

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What is hot dip galvanising?

Hot dip galvanising is the process of coating iron, steel or ferrous materials with a layer of zinc. This is achieved by first removing any scale or loose material, passing the metal through a pickling bath of hydrochloric acid, and finally through molten zinc at a temperature of over 400 degrees Celsius. This final process […]

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Here at Steelcorp we are often asked “which way should I face my shed?” Largely this question can be answered by assessing the purpose of the structure and factoring in its surroundings. When you position your shed to face north, the pad at the front of the shed will remain the driest because the front […]

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