Australian made: why it matters

20 January

Where is our material sourced from?

The story behind our quality Australian Made Buildings

Steelcorp is an official Australian Made partner with our manufacturing facility in Wangaratta. Since our business began we’ve always aimed to buy local and support the Aussie economy through all areas of our supply chain.

Our steel

Steelcorp proudly uses Australian made Bluescope steel here in our Wangaratta factory.

Bluescope, the manufacturer of COLORBOND® steel, is one of the largest global producers of metal coated and painted steel building products, supplying a large percentage of all flat steel products sold in these markets.

We only use Australian structural steel for our universal beam and tube sections and choose original COLORBOND® sheeting for roof and wall cladding.

Our insulation

At Steelcorp we offer two varieties of shed insulation, namely Kingspan Insuliner and Fletcher Permastop blanket insulation. Both of these products are sourced directly from the manufacturers in Australia.

Fletcher Permastop building blanket is Australian made, and its glasswool component is manufactured from up to 80% recycled material which would otherwise go into landfill and be unsuitable for alternative manufacturing processes.

Kingspan Insuliner is also made locally here in Victoria. Kingspan’s Somerton plant is also on track to be Australia’s first Green Star-rated manufacturing facility.

Supporting Australian made: why it matters

We’re committed to championing Australian Made products throughout our whole supply chain.

This allows us (and our clients) to make a real contribution to the economy, by helping to support local businesses and communities. Not only are we keeping locals employed and keeping profits here in Australia, we’re also making sure we only use products and materials that are tough enough to withstand our harsh environment.

From our factory in Wangaratta, we aim to continue supporting the Australian economy by sourcing our major components locally. Give our team a call if you’d like to find out more or read a bit about our story here.

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