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25 June

How much does a shed cost?

As one of the leading steel shed builders in Wangaratta, our team often gets asked “How much is this going to cost?”

As you can imagine there are a lot of variables when you’re considering buying a shed. Size is the most obvious factor, but here are a few other considerations to take into account when you’re comparing shed prices.

Let’s break down some of the options so you can make an informed decision on the best steel shed for your farm or business.

What affects the cost of a shed?

Shed size

The most obvious factor that affects your shed quote is how big it is: a large commercial shed with all the bells and whistles is naturally going to be more pricey than a basic storage shed. Planning ahead for potential future expansion will ensure you have ample space available for many years to come.

Roller doors, windows and openings

Steelcorp can add a range of different doors, windows, openings and access ways depending on your needs. From a single roller door through to multiple high-bay doors, sliding doors, personal access doors and more, we can design a building to your requirements.

It’s a good idea to consider the current need for your shed along with potential future use when looking at the cost of incorporating doors and openings. Creating a practical shed that can be used in different ways means you’ll have more options if your business or operations change in the future.

Adding a mezzanine level

Mezzanines are a common inclusion in many of our commercial and industrial sheds as they provide an easy, cost-effective way to increase your storage space. Adding a mezzanine floor can create a flexible warehouse space, a neat office or an airy open storage area.

A frequent addition to our large industrial sheds, mezzanines turn a simple shed into a functional multi-purpose space.


The choice of COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® is a personal choice, with both products offering excellent corrosion resistance.

COLORBOND® offers a wider range of colour choices which can be important for commercial and professional businesses, whilst ZINCALUME® is cheaper yet offers a more basic appearance that is prone to becoming dull over time. You may need to check with your local council to see if ZINCALUME® is an approved product in your area.

There are pros and cons to both products – take a look at our article on COLORBOND® vs ZINCALUME® for a deep-dive into the difference between these two common shed materials.

Do you need hot dip galvanising?

You’ll hear a resounding YES from our team! In fact, hot dip galvanizing is the only option we provide, and one of the main reasons we can guarantee a lifetime structural warranty.

Whilst some shed builders cut corners and reduce the cost of a building by using a plain painted frame, it’s important to bear in mind that painted steel only lasts for 15 years before it needs to be repainted.

Hot dip galvanising will vastly increase the life of your shed. If you want it to stand the test of time, factor in the benefits of hot dip galvanising which vastly outweigh the slightly higher initial cost.

Internal cladding and partition walls

What are you using your shed for? What type of flexible spaces do you need to create? Whilst the outside structure is often fairly simple, the inside is where the magic happens!

Using partitions to compartmentalise your shed can turn a plain box into an efficient and organised storage area, a professional multi-room warehouse or separate the customer-facing side of your operation from the business end. Factor in the cost of partitions and whether or not you need the interior clad in a specific finish to create a truly unique and professional structure.

Awnings and canopies

Adding a cantilevered canopy, awning or skillion roof can increase the overall cost of your shed, but many of our clients say they’re worth every cent – just ask this Wangaratta businessman who wouldn’t build another shed without one.

Designed to keep rain and wild weather out of the shed when the roller doors are open, they vastly increase the usability of your shed and expand the floor area so that you can use the outdoor undercover areas for additional storage.

Weather protection is particularly important for feed stores, shearing sheds and housing moisture-sensitive equipment, so it’s worth weighing up the benefits of adding an awning to your shed design.

Other considerations

End-to-end project management vs DIY

Sorting out a building permit for your new shed is something that some people like to look after themselves. However, if you’d rather save yourself the hassle, we can help with all aspects of the application and approval process to help streamline your build.

Shed permit requirements in Victoria can vary between different Councils and locations, and our team are experienced in overseeing the approval process. We can work with you and your local Council or Building Certifier and ensure the proposed structure satisfies the specific permit requirements for your site.

Excavation, levelling and site prep

You might think your site is flat – but is it level? Will you need to look at preparing the area prior to building your shed? Our customers often require some grading and levelling on their property to ensure a perfect concrete slab pour.

Ideally, a prepared site needs a firm rock base for hardstand when operating machinery and vehicles when working on site. The area often needs a site scrape, and if it’s out of level, a cut and fill is the most cost-effective option. If you have a soil type that’s difficult to work with, additional rock and compaction may be required.

For customers looking to position their shed on a greenfield site, a concrete base is usually required for fully enclosed sheds. A nice level site is a requirement for pouring concrete foundations.

For more basic open structures, a raw dirt floor may be perfectly adequate, although we recommend bringing in a bit of road base rock to ensure the area is usable all year round.

Getting the initial preparation right is the key to a structurally sound and long-lasting shed that will stand the test of time.
Steelcorp offers service, quality and strength – all under one roof
When you’re deciding on a builder for your new structure, make sure you’re comparing apples with apples.

Steelcorp is one of Wangaratta’s most respected shed builders because we’re dedicated to providing the utmost care and attention to every customer. We specialise in large commercial, agricultural and farm sheds and proudly use Aussie made steel in our Wangaratta factory.

Give our team a call today and tell us exactly what you’re after in your new shed. We’ll use our detailed shed calculator to work out the best solution for your property and provide an itemised proposal to help you understand all the components of your new shed project.

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