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29 October

Does Steelcorp offer a product warranty?

Steelcorp is one of Australia’s most experienced steel shed design and construction firms. With over 100 years of combined experience, our team knows how to build a shed the right way.

However, peace of mind is (of course!) very important for our customers, and that’s why we offer a lifetime structural warranty on all our steel structures.

Whether it is a commercial, rural or fully custom made shed, you can be sure that you will receive a lifetime warranty on the structural components we manufacture in house. Additionally, all the components that we purchase from suppliers such as COLORBOND® are supplied with their original manufacturer’s warranty (for example, 25 years for COLORBOND®).

Designed and built with care

From the initial design stages right through to handing over the project, we take care to design and build a shed the right way, so it is strong, practical and fit for purpose.

Every project is professionally certified by our engineering partners, giving you the assurance that it is structurally sound and built for longevity.

Once the design and certification are locked in, we focus on providing our customers with incredible quality workmanship and excellence in fabrication. Our hardworking manufacturing team uses a stringent quality control process to ensure every component is up to scratch.

What’s covered in the lifetime structural warranty?

Our lifetime structural warranty covers the structural steel members that we fabricate in-house. At Steelcorp, all our steel is hot-dip galvanised meaning it won’t rust or corrode, and can withstand very harsh environments. The zinc coating applied to the steel drastically slows down the corrosion process, meaning the steel won’t need any maintenance for at least 100 years.

For components such as COLORBOND® steel, this carries its own manufacturer’s warranty. COLORBOND® steel products are warranted for up to 25 years.

If you have COLORBOND® components included in your shed project, be aware that you could void the warranty by having the COLORBOND® steel directly in contact with the soil where it is constantly wet, or by pouring concrete directly up against the COLORBOND®. This will cause fast corrosion.

The correct practice is to have a membrane between the concrete and the COLORBOND® or to install the COLORBOND® in such a way that it is up off the dirt.

Understanding material limitations

We stand behind all our shed projects, however, if you choose to go with another supplier it’s important to know what you’re getting and understand that certain components may need maintenance over time to keep them in the best shape.

For example, at Steelcorp we don’t offer painted steel, although many other shed companies do. A 15-year painted steel coating will satisfy the minimum requirements of a building from an engineering perspective, however, this means that after that time, some maintenance will be required.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that the shed will only last 15 years: it just means that it will need some maintenance, such as regular cleaning.

Caring for your shed

Cleaning and simple maintenance is part of owning a shed, and although it doesn’t have to be done often, there are certain situations in which cleaning is more important.

In an industrial area for example, if you have neighbouring buildings that use acidic or alkaline manufacturing processes, or there are heavy diesel fumes in the area, this could very gradually contribute to the degradation of the shed’s finish.

There are some salt and acid resistant products on the market, such as stainless steel cladding, which is the least corrosive steel you can get.

Saltwater, of course, contributes to corrosion and for properties that are located close to the coast, this needs to be taken into account. If you have selected hot-dip galvanising for your shed, the steel members are protected against rust, however, other components may be exposed to some corrosion.

You do need to maintain your gutters as they can fill up with leaves and debris. A half-round gutter offers a convenient self-cleaning option – this is something we can include on request.

Overall, rainwater will do the bulk of the cleaning job for you, with only minimal washing required around once a year. This helps to prevent general pollutants, salts and grime from adhering to the exterior surface of your structure.

Own a shed that is guaranteed for life

If you need help designing a shed that will look great and remain strong for decades, Steelcorp can help.

Our expert team has experience in commercial sheds, commercial warehouses, manufacturing facilities, rural sheds and much more. Our design consultants take the time to visit your site, work with you through the process and build a tough and reliable structure that will serve your needs for years to come.

Get in touch with our team today for more information on how we work, or take a look at our 12-step process here.

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