COLORBOND® Steel Colour Range

An iconic Australian product from BlueScope Steel, COLORBOND® has a reputation for durability, style and design flexibility. Australia’s favourite coloured steel offers lifelong performance, excellent corrosion resistance, and will maintain its high-quality appearance for many years into the future.

COLORBOND® Shed Colour Chart

Our sheds are available in a huge range of classic and contemporary colours, along with subtle matt finishes so that you can achieve the perfect look for your structure.

Take a look at the COLORBOND® colour charts below for an extensive choice of natural colours that will complement your property.

Contemporary COLORBOND® range

Colorbond Contemporary Color Range for Steelcorp
Colorbond Contemporary Color Range for Steelcorp

Classic COLORBOND® range

Colorbond Contemporary Color Range for Steelcorp
Colorbond Contemporary Color Range for Steelcorp

Matt COLORBOND® range

Colorbond Steel Color Range for Steelcorp

Perfect for your project

COLORBOND® Steel is a great choice for commercial and rural sheds, equine facilities, sports facilities, machinery sheds and industrial storage facilities.

Whether you’re looking to build a commercial, rural or fully custom-designed shed structure, we can offer a wide choice of colours to help you easily colour co-ordinate your project with its surroundings.


Requiring minimal maintenance and tested in some of Australia’s most extreme conditions, COLORBOND® steel is made to last, making it an ideal building material for sheds, fences, roofing and much more.

Colour choices to suit your project

Whether you’re coordinating colours with other COLORBOND® steel elements around your property such as fences or roofs, or you’re simply looking for an attractive and durable finish, we can build your shed in dozens of different colours.

Contemporary range:
The COLORBOND® contemporary range is made up of muted natural tones that blend with the surrounding environment. This range of colours includes greys, browns, charcoal and cream colours that provide a neutral base for commercial structures, enabling your branding or signage to stand out. The contemporary range is also perfectly suited to rural properties where the shed or structure needs to sit naturally in the existing landscape.

Classic range:
The classic COLORBOND® range includes colours based on iconic Australian landscapes. From deep earthy reds to heritage greens and bush-inspired neutrals, this range adds personality to your project.

Matt range:
The COLORBOND® matt finishes create a softer more subtle look that adds style and elegance to your shed project. Matt colours complement modern building designs and are well suited to both commercial and rural projects.

Get help and advice on how to choose the perfect colour for your project

The Steelcorp team are here to help with honest, straightforward advice. Get a COLORBOND® shed you can be proud of – call us to discuss designs and material choices or to get a detailed quote.

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