Sheds: North, South, East or West?

19 February

Here at Steelcorp we are often asked “which way should I face my shed?”

Largely this question can be answered by assessing the purpose of the structure and factoring in its surroundings.

When you position your shed to face north, the pad at the front of the shed will remain the driest because the front of a north-facing shed will typically always have direct sunlight. The inside of the shed will remain well-lit as well.

It can often depend on what is being stored in the structure, however, the downside of a north facing shed is that elevated sun levels inside a shed can have negative impacts. Sometimes storms can blow from the north, with the risk of rain and winds entering the shed from that direction.

In contrast, a south-facing shed will mean that very little sunlight will enter your shed. This is important if whatever you are wanting to store is light sensitive. On the flip side, the front of the shed can become boggy in winter because it remains in shade. Wind can often come from the south, which can blow debris and dirt into your work or storage space.

It’s generally not recommended to have a shed facing the west. The majority of our weather comes from the west – this means less protection for your assets. It’s also common for structure engineers to need to increase material sizes to meet required standards, which will typically increase the cost of your structure.

Facing your shed to the east is clearly the most sensible option. Goods stored in your shed are well protected with very little weather coming from that direction and only a small amount of sunlight. The morning sunlight on the front of the shed that will keep the pad mostly dry which is always beneficial.

East facing structures may appear the obvious choice, however there are a number of factors to take into consideration. These include convenience, existing buildings, trees, waterways and space limitations. Project owners may also factor in how the shed will look on certain angles and at times local council regulations can dictate placement.

Talk to the team at Steelcorp about your specific project and we can help guide you through making the best decision for you and your structure.