• Strength


    We manufacture our certified structures in-house and our work is backed by a lifetime structural guarantee. We don’t take shortcuts.

  • Flexibility


    We design and construct a range of custom structures suited to your needs. No two structures are identical and we respect that.

  • Communication


    We understand the importance of clear communication. From concept to completion, we guide you each step of the process.

  • Experience


    We have more than 100 years of combined experience in the design and construction of steel structures. You can trust us to get it right.

  • Aussie Proud

    Aussie Proud

    We are Australian owned and operated. We manufacture our structures with materials sourced from Australian suppliers.

Commercial Sheds

Steelcorp can assist with the design and fabrication of structures for all commercial and industrial shed applications. We have provided commercial and industrial sheds for more than 20 years and have built up a range of options to allow flexibility with designs. From storage sheds to factories, warehouses and emergency service buildings, our experienced and dedicated team are ready to partner with you on your next project.

Industrial sheds built for many purposes

Industrial sheds have an almost endless list of applications. Here are some of the most common structures:

  • Warehouses & Manufacturing Facilities
  • Industrial Factories & Sheds
  • Storage Shed Facilities
  • Aviation Structures
  • Emergency Services Buildings
  • Education & Defence Force Structures
  • Recreational Structures
  • Mining Sheds
  • Horticulture Sheds & Buildings
  • Precast Structures
Need to expand?

One of the most common reasons people build industrial sheds with Steelcorp is that their growing business needs a bigger, better home for their expanding operations. We can take your business to new heights, with more space and increased functionality. From growing your workshop space, to increasing the area in which you showcase products, the sky’s the limit when it comes to commercial steel structures.

Increase productivity

We can assist you design a functional space to grow your business and in doing so, together we can create the most efficient use of space for your operation. Our steel structures are strong and bring great value to your business. We work to create smart use of resources, such as the use of mezzanine floors, to increase floor space in an affordable and attractive way. Cantilever awnings provide easy access loading areas are a great addition to commercial structures.

Investment opportunity

Commercial and industrial structures can be a solid investment. Many of our clients construct warehouses and storage solutions for the purpose of leasing to business owners. These can be single offices, warehouses or multi-tenanted complexes. These types of structures are adaptable, practical and impressive to business owners ready to expand their business, but without the capital on hand to build their own facility.

Customise your industrial shed

At Steelcorp, there’s no such thing as a standard shed. Every Steelcorp structure is designed with its owner’s needs in mind, and of course complying with the most stringent building standards. Options available include but are not limited to cantilever awnings, mezzanine floors, partition walls and various openings. We understand there are many considerations and options when it comes to commercial buildings and can help guide you through the process.

Why Steelcorp?

Our family owned and operated business has the experience and passion to build your shed to the exacting standards we expect and demand. As a growing business we understand the importance of getting a workshop, warehouse or commercial space just right. Having the space and capacity for expansion can make or break a business – let us help. We can deliver large clear spans, giving maximum internal clearances and opening up your structure for many possibilities. Our sheds are built using materials from Australian suppliers and are fabricated in regional Victoria.

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