The Steelcorp payment structure

2 June

What is the payment structure for your projects?

Building a shed is a big investment, and ensuring you budget for it accurately can make the difference between a smooth, efficient project and one that drags on past its due date.

Part of our shed building process includes having a clear and transparent payment structure in place so that our clients can prepare ahead of time.

In this article, you’ll find how our payment plan works, what’s included in the scope and how we work alongside tradespeople to complete your shed.

What is included in the scope of works?

Your individual project documentation will lay this out clearly, however in most cases, our scope covers the structure kit or materials only. The trades used to actually build your shed are a direct contract between you the client, and the tradesperson.

In some instances, we can assist with overall project management and clients can hand over the organising of trades to us.

In this case, we would simply pass on each builder, plumber or electrician’s invoice as we receive it, and it would be the client’s responsibility to arrange timely payment.

Ways to reduce the price of your structure

How much do I have to pay upfront?

If you’ve engaged Steelcorp to look after the structure kit – the steel members, COLORBOND® sheeting, roofing, insulation etc – we split the project cost over a few invoices.

In this instance, the payment structure looks like this:

  • An initial 5% deposit locks in your project and allows us to obtain engineering for the structure
  • A 55% process payment allows us to purchase the required raw materials
  • A 35% payment prior to the 1st delivery
  • The 5% balance payment is due upon final delivery

How much do the other trades cost?

As outlined above, if the trades component is run via Steelcorp, the model above is followed and trade invoices are issued either during the project or upon completion of that trade.

We don’t get involved in the pricing of these trades so finding the tradespeople that fit your budget and requirements is something our clients need to plan ahead for.

However, we have built a lot of sheds in our time and regularly work with some reputable contractors, so if you need a recommendation our team can help you out.

See a visual of our process

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