The Steelcorp Process

The Steelcorp process provides assurance for our past, current and future clients. This process outlines the detailed process every project follows from concept to completion.
  • 1
    Talk/site visit

    The first stage is all about understanding your needs. It’s important we learn what you have in mind before providing some expert design suggestions. This stage is conducted via a complimentary on-site discovery session with one of our structure consultants.

  • 2

    Our experienced design team create concept drawings that are a powerful way of helping you visualise the completed project.

  • 3
    Welcome to operations

    Once onboard with Steelcorp, you will now temporarily bid adieu to your shed consultant and are welcomed in by our skilled operations team.

  • 4

    It’s time to get your structure expertly certified by one of our engineering partners. Your structure is carefully reviewed taking into account the terrain category to ensure we use the correct structural components on your building.

  • 5

    Obtaining relevant approvals for your project is critically important. At Steelcorp we have the ability to oversee the building permit phase. This involves liaising with your local Shire or Building Certifier and ensuring the proposed structure satisfies the specific requirements for your site.

  • 6

    With approvals and compliance out of the way it’s time to organise the required materials for your structure. We only rely on high quality Australian materials which ensures we have a quick lead time whilst supporting local businesses.

  • 7

    The workshop is now ready to tackle the most important part of the project – fabrication. Our team of experienced fabricators carefully manufacture the steel components for your structure including web trusses and columns.

  • 8

    With manufacturing complete, it’s time for materials to be delivered to site.

  • 9

    Our well-equipped installation teams are on-site and ready to begin erecting your structure. With years of experience, our reliable teams ensure safe work practices are followed whilst your structure is professionally erected.

  • 10
    Site inspections

    A vital stage of all projects is the inspection of your project during the installation phase. These inspections are conducted by one of our experienced site supervisors and ensures a quality build from start to finish.

  • 11

    With the project complete, we will reach out to you to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the finished structure. For you, the journey with your new shed has now begun.

  • 12
    Follow up

    Steelcorp structures live on for generations so you will hear from us long after your project is complete. It’s important to ensure your long term satisfaction with our structures.

  • Strength


    We manufacture our certified structures in-house and our work is backed by a lifetime structural guarantee. We don’t take shortcuts.

  • Flexibility


    We design and construct a range of custom structures suited to your needs. No two structures are identical and we respect that.

  • Communication


    We understand the importance of clear communication. From concept to completion, we guide you each step of the process.

  • Experience


    We have more than 100 years of combined experience in the design and construction of steel structures. You can trust us to get it right.

  • Aussie Proud

    Aussie Proud

    We are Australian owned and operated. We manufacture our structures with materials sourced from Australian suppliers.

Commercial Sheds

If you are setting up in business or looking to take your commercial operation to the next level our team is primed and ready to act on your upcoming project. We partner with you throughout the process and are committed to your 100% satisfaction.

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Rural Sheds

From hay sheds to yard covers, workshops and equine structures, Steelcorp has your next rural project covered. We understand the importance of strong, reliable sheds that can withstand tough environments.

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Custom Sheds

Steelcorp are the custom shed experts because we believe that there is no such thing as a standard shed. Built for your needs, whatever they, we enjoy working on complex custom designs and we take the time to get your shed structure just right.

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