Shed Installation Problems

14 September

What could go wrong during installation?

An honest look at potential problems when building a new shed

Whilst it would be great if every single job went off without a hitch, that’s simply not a realistic way of looking at things. Occasionally, things can go wrong when we install your shed. Not often mind you: but we’d like to be completely transparent about the potential problems or delays that could arise when building your structure.

Natural and environmental problems

The most obvious thing that can happen is that bad weather delays your project. Unfortunately, there’s no real way around this, and both wind and rain can push your build back by anything from one day to a week or more. We avoid scheduling projects when bad weather is forecast, but unpredictable rain and strong winds can put your job on hold.

It’s important to note that the winter months can affect access to your site. This is a common problem, and the reason why it’s important to have a good hardstand site prior to the winter period.

At times, we encounter machine hire breakdowns that put a brief halt to excavations. Scissor lifts and telehandlers can have mechanical issues, and trucks can break down on the way to delivering trusses and columns to the site. This is typically a minor problem that doesn’t cause much of a delay, as we can quite easily replace these machines and keep things moving. We also have a great project management team that ensures everything moves forward on site as planned.

Very occasionally, workplace health and safety issues or injuries sustained by workers means that the team has to stop work temporarily. Of course, our contractors follow all health and safety procedures to avoid these risks, but sometimes accidents happen.

Communication and human error

Our team are experienced professionals, but we’re human – and mistakes happen. At times, fabrication or drafting mistakes could cause problems on site. This can slow down a project whilst components are reworked and rectified.

Additionally, our suppliers deliver directly to your site and sometimes they mishandle materials and accidentally damage them. These components then need to be re-ordered. That’s why we use the best suppliers to keep this problem to a minimum.

Coordination and scheduling problems

Because we use third-party tradespeople, there can be times where they need to manage other projects and are not on site 100% of the time.

We thoroughly vet our tradespeople and only use companies we trust, but also respect that they are running their own businesses and being pulled in multiple directions. We make sure the contractors are scheduled in, however they can be delayed if other projects blow out.

On the engineering side, your foundations and frame need to be ‘signed off’ and if any issues are raised, these can cause a delay. At times we need to wait for engineering advice on unexpected site issues too, in order to work out the best way forward. For example, discovering a rock shelf below ground can make it impossible to excavate. We need an alternative engineering solution to ensure your shed is built strong and safe.

Building your shed is a team effort and other trades are part and parcel of the process. At times we need to work around electricians, plumbers, landscapers and other tradespeople which can mean work on-site is slowed down.

On the topic of plumbing – if your services are located in awkward positions or amidst poor site conditions, problems can occur. Plumbing underground or dealing with rocky foundations can take extra time.

We’re here to support you throughout your project

It’s our goal to help you get a shed you can be proud of for years to come, and part of that is being open about the potential issues that can crop up. When it comes to building sheds, we’re here to provide honest, unbiased advice. Give our team a call any time to discuss building your ideal shed.

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