JMCE Warehousing approached Steelcorp to build a large steel structure after hearing rave reviews by happy customers.

Owner John Coxhell presented the team with his plans for a warehouse with cantilever canopy, office front and mezzanine floor.

The warehouse has a 1000m2 footprint and a smart colour palette in Colorbond® Windspray and Night Sky.

“I drew it up and they put it through engineering and the rest is history,” Mr Coxhell says.

“They made it happen.”

The warehouse is now an integral part of the business and he couldn’t be happier with how Steelcorp performed throughout the process.

“They were good to deal with,” he says.

“We’re really happy with the shed, it’s a beauty.”

He says the mezzanine floor was initially going to be used for spare truck parts but instead evolved into an office space.

Mr Coxhell says the cantilever verandah looks good but is also really functional for the business.

“It’s great because we don’t get wet inside when it’s raining and we can unload and load trucks without getting wet.”

He is also impressed with how the glass fronted office looks from the roadside.

“Lots of people have commented and asked about the shed and we’re happy to recommend Steelcorp to anyone,” he says.

“We would go to them to build another shed if we need to.”

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