Farm Shed


Vala Holsteins – Farm Shed

Structure type: Farm shed

Size: 70m x 20m

Location: Toolamba, Victoria

Completion date: February 2021


Vala Holsteins is one of Australia’s leading breeders of Holstein dairy cattle. The business has succeeded in breeding several sires for artificial insemination to the dairy sector in Australia and overseas and its dairy herd has representatives from many of the leading Holstein cow families worldwide.


Vala Holsteins contracted CAF Consulting in Shepparton to manage the construction project for their dairy breeding operation. CAF Consulting then engaged Steelcorp to design, fabricate and install the large farm shed.
“When it comes to designing and building any facility at Vala Holstein’s Binda Vale property at Toolamba I spend a lot of time ensuring that we are doing our best to adopt the best practices to look after our valuable livestock,” says Vala Holsteins owner Alex Arena.
“The shed that I commissioned needed to meet the usual requirements of being sturdy, being comprised of good materials and well constructed but it also had to be well-ventilated and suitable for livestock to inhabit safely and comfortably.”


  • Extra height to encourage more natural airflow
  • Ridge vent to encourage air draw upwards and outwards
  • Ridge cap to prevent rain ingress
  • Clear spans with cross-strengthening members well away from cattle contact

Client says

“Steelcorp responded well to our requirements and we are very happy with how the shed transitioned from design through to fabrication and construction,” says Mr Arena.

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