Bus Depot


Brock Fallon from Fallons Bus Service was delighted with Steelcorp’s bus depot shed proposal which came out in front after when he recently enquired about building a new bus depot shed for his business. 

“I’ve built a shed with Steelcorp before in Wangaratta so I gave them a chance to quote for the Yarrawonga depot,” Mr Fallon says. “I was happy with the quote.” 

He was pleased to partner again with Steelcorp after previous projects with the team. 

“I’ve found them good to work with,” Mr Fallon says. “I’ve dealt with Ross in the past and Dale was good to deal with for this one. They get on with the job and get things done. They’re just good to deal with.”

The Yarrawonga depot has two new steel structures: “One of the sheds is just a roof to park buses under. The other is a two-bay workshop with an office, lunchroom and toilets.” 

The structure that protects the fleet of buses has a footprint of 370 square metres and is 6m high.

The other structure houses a lunchroom and toilets and features a two-bay workshop for bus repairs and maintenance. It has a footprint of 500 square metres and is 6m high. It also has an office located on a mezzanine floor. “We’ve done this before in another shed we’ve built and it works well,” Mr Fallon says.

He was stoked that Steelcorp took care of the building permit and footings, so he just had to sort out the planning permit. “I handballed them what I could,” he says. “The fact Steelcorp does the building permit and footings is great. Some shed mobs don’t do any of that. I’m not in the building industry so it would take me a lot longer to sort it all out.”

He has recommended Steelcorp to others in the past and will continue to do so after this project.

“Steelcorp is very good to deal with and I’m really happy with my sheds.”

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