Hot dipped galvanising lasts a lifetime

11 June

By Aaron Barker
Steelcorp Sales Consultant

“Huh?…we’re $10k out?…

…Oh, that explains it! They’ve priced you with a painted frame!”

Unfortunately, an all too often occurrence when talking to our valued customers.

Arguably the single most important question to ask yourself when contemplating the future of your steel structure is ‘will my shed stand the test of time?’

The durability and long term stability of your shed should never be in question – here at Steelcorp we can guarantee that any structure built through us is made to stay.

It’s probably safe to say we are addicted to hot dip galvanising … one sure-fire way to add significant lifespan to your next structure.

Sure, structures that are hot-dipped galvanised will cost more initially but most people (including you) understand that some additional outlay upfront can be certainly justified when it comes to sheds. It’s important to think long term.

While a painted frame is still an option (and has some benefits) our preference remains the same – vote 1 hot dipped galvanised.

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