Bay sizes for sheds

28 September

Steelcorp’s standard bay sizes

Key takeaway: Steelcorp’s standard bay sizes are 6m, 7m, 7.5m and 8m

When you’re considering building a commercial steel shed or industrial building, it pays to know some of the standard sizes that we need to work with.

Along with standard heights and spans, bay openings are built to standard sizes too. Bays can be built as wide as 8 metres to accommodate large equipment and allow access for machinery, farm vehicles, delivery trucks and agricultural equipment.

Of course, you can have multiple wide bays in your structure, but be aware that the larger the bay, the larger the structural member sizes, which in turn means more cost.

What’s the maximum bay size I can have in my shed?

Our engineer likes to take a positive mindset and says anything is possible! However, it’s a good idea to consider the most economical option for your shed design.

Our biggest standard bay size is 8 metres wide, but we can also build custom bays up to 10 metres. Any larger than this and you’ll need to consider girder trusses or transfer beams to allow clearspan openings.

How many separate bays can I have?

The number of bays in your commercial shed will be dependent on its overall size and shape.

However, the key thing to remember is that when our design team draws up your structure, they will take into account the overall structural integrity of the design and the wind loading of your site. A big factor for wind loading is whether the sides of the structure are open or closed. A structure that has 3 sides clad & 1 side open is more affected by wind loading than a fully enclosed structure of a fully open structure.

What kind of bay doors does Steelcorp offer?

We’ve got a wide range of door options to choose from, including steel sliding doors, industrial roller doors, and shutters. Or, if you’re building a structure such as a hay shed, you can do away with doors altogether and keep your bays open, adding a cantilevered awning or canopy to keep the weather out.

Design the perfect shed for your business with Steelcorp

Our knowledgeable team can help you design the right agricultural structure or commercial building for your needs, using our years of experience and understanding of the design, permit and building process.

We offer service, quality and strength – all under one roof! Give our team a call for more information on our shed styles, sizes and design process.

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